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Suva resident wearing the traditional "sulu" bottoms and accompanying leather sandalsFishing in Suva harbourSuva resident wearing typical Fijian shirtPark outside museum in Suva, FijiPlaque commemorating the first trans-pacific flightJapanese women's rugby team practising on Suva's centennial fieldReplicating traditional Fijian warrior lookMusicians performing in SuvaProduce at main Suva marketSuva produce marketPeanuts, limes and other produce in Suva marketSuva  produce marketCoconut venderSuva street artApproaching Dravuni island in Fijian waters of south PacificDravuni islandPath along Dravuni islandBeautiful beach on Dravuni islandGolden sand and water all shades of blue and greenBright colours of Dravuni residents