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Some photos from my Feb.-March 2009 trip to India. The trip started with a few days in northern Punjab (near Jallandar, Beas and Amritsar), then a week in Dharmsala in Himachal Pradesh state and finally a few days of relaxation at the Dosanj farm in Sangrur, Punjab.
Snack shack at pit stop from Delhi to JallandharWheat is the main crop in Punjab in the winter monthsWhat's left of our family farm just outside SalempurFarm and koti of Gian S. Johal familyPainted sign on the wall that states and encases "Salempur Masanda".Salempur has no roads inside the village wall - just narrow lanes like thisHouse Number 106 is where I was born.  We sold this house to our neighbours on this tripBlacksmith who lived across the street from our houseStreet scene just outside famous gurdwara near BeasSweets for sale