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Entering the harbour in Port ChalmersPort Chalmers from the bayPort ChalmersEarly history of Port ChalmersOriginal Port Chalmers buildings operating as stores, hotels and offices todayPort Chalmers churchTea advertisement on business in Port ChalmersOriginal stable in Port ChalmersRobert Burns statue at The Octagon in Dunedin (St. Paul's Cathedral in background)St. Paul's Cathedral in DunedinFree fresh water tap outside Speight's Brewery (local creek provides the fresh water  for brewery)Speight's Brewery photo from 1932 - spot the paymaster??Speight's Brewery tasting room...mmmm!Building art in DunedinStreet art in DunedinDunedin residential areaClock tower at Dunedin Railway StationSpinning wool thread using old spinning wheel in Port ChalmersBlue cod and chips from The Fish Shop and Speight's Gold Medal Ale at Mackie Hotel in Port ChalmersStreet art at the port in Port Chalmers